Emergent Roadmap

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This section reprises the “What’s Next” steps in all the previous patterns, offering another view on the project Roadmap in its emergent form.

✒ Peeragogy project

Feel free to join us and suggest new patterns and projects, or adapt our patterns to help shape another Peeragogy Project.

✒ Roadmap

Adding “What’s Next” steps to our patterns gives us a “distributed roadmap.” And this works both ways: If we sense that something needs to change about the project, that is a clue that we might need to record a new pattern.

✒ Use or make

We’ve spun off the pattern catalog from the Peeragogy Handbook into this paper, sharing it with a new community and gaining new perspectives. Let’s look for other parts of the handbook we can spin off!

✒ Carrying capacity

This pattern catalog has been rewritten in a way that should make it easy for anyone to add new patterns. Making it easy and fruitful for others to get involved is one of the best ways to redistribute the load (compare the Newcomer pattern).

✒ A specific project

Each project connected with the Peeragogy project should be described with one or more patterns, each with specific, tangible “what’s next” steps. The Pattern Audit Routine can help make these “what’s next” steps concrete.

✒ Wrapper

We need better practices for automating the wrapping-up process. One of the latest ideas is to develop a simple visual “dashboard” for the project that would be a web page people could access and immediately get an idea of what work is ongoing in the project with links for going more in depth and/or contributing.

✒ Heartbeat

Identifying and fostering new Heartbeats and new working groups is a task that can help make the community more robust. This is the temporal dimension of spin off projects described in Use or Make.

✒ Creating a guide

Working with our shepherd at PLoP to improve this paper!

✒ Newcomer

A more detailed (but non-limiting) “How to Get Involved” walk-through in text or video form would be good to develop. We can start by listing some of the things we’re learning about.

✒ Pattern Audit Routine

Regularly go through the Pattern Audit Routine in our future meetings.

✒ Scrapbook

After significantly pruning back the pattern catalog, we want it to grow again: new patterns are needed. Reviewing the contents of the Scrapbook will be one place to look for inspiration, but there are others.

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